Top 10 Features of NEW SMUGMUG

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TOP 10 new features In level of importance to me

1. New Organizer with drag and drop
2. Self FULL customization
3. Pages
4. Five levels of folders
5.New gallery layout
6. Youtube video inclusion
7. Better Search System
8.Better Comment system
9. Better Slideshows
10. New Privacy level "private"

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10. PRIVATE Level - Barely makes the list of my top 10 because I don't use it very often... but the point is ... I USE IT. I use it for stuff like backup folders.

9. BETTER SLIDESHOWS- It's cool but it's lower on the list because I think they can and will make better slideshow systems... hopefully soon.

8. BETTER COMMENT SYSTEM- SmugMug is not known for being a place where people come and leave feedback. Maybe this is a step in the right direction. I'm hopeful.

7. BETTER SEARCH SYSTEM - I have SO MANY galleries that I was in desperate need of a search bar that I could put wherever it was needed. Score! Now let's see how often it's used or how often I tell others to use it.

6. YOUTUBE VIDEOS - I started a youtube channel and I'm focusing on Video more. Now I can put videos into my pages and folders! And they play nice and large!! And It still lets me put the ads in there for ad revenue! Yep I love it.

5. NEW GALLERY LAYOUT - Yes there are lots of new possible layouts. I for one stuck with the traditional thumbnail and pictures on the right. But even if I stayed old school I still love the new design they gave it. Much cleaner and pictures use the space better.

4. FIVE LEVELS - How long have we waited for this!? Forever is the answer... I'm so happy it's finally here. I can now organize like so weddings/2013/smith wedding/ and then put a gallery in there of engagements, bridals and weddings - I guess I actually have 2 levels to spare. But I'm sure I'll find a use eventually.

3. PAGES- That's how I'm doing this write up... that's how I'm doing my pricing and about me and equipment pages. It's a thing of beauty. The text editor is pretty plain and I suspect it'll get better. But I am able to do exactly what I needed to do.

2. FULL/SELF CUSTOMIZATION - There was a reason my site had remained the same for 2+ years without a single change to it. I didn't know how to alter the customization that someone did on it. And new customization was too expensive. I made this whole site myself without paying anyone and from the time I wanted it done to the time it got done was like a day. (Yes a pretty full day... but not months) And I can make changes and add pages and pictures at any time.

1. ORGANIZER - Maybe it's not as flashy as the other features but it's my #1 because it's the thing I needed the most. My site had so many folders in random places and needed so much housekeeping after 5yrs of usage that this organizer made a world of difference for me.
Drag and drop ... ahhh

Without the organizer I would have been putting a fresh coat of paint on a hoarders house... now i'm doing housekeeping and making the place suitable for company.
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