Copeland Engagements

  • Fro Broome

    on July 3, 2008

    Hey Emily HOTTIE! I LOVE these pictures! They are great GORGEOUS! you look so happy! I love the ones that you are laughing in! They remind me of a couple of our pictures. a couple that i liked that:(i liked a ton more but this is when i started writing the numbers down) 157, 168, 219, 242. I think the last one i put is funny just because it looks like you have no body em. BUT I LOVE IT! it makes me laugh, prolly just because i'm random and am like that. But i think you two are so so so cute together. So overall it doesn't matter what you are doing, the picture looks grreat because you two are in it. I love you so much girly! I'm glad you are marrying a utah'n. Mostly because then i will see you more! Thanks for this site. LOVE YOU!

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